Invictus: A Passion1552780800

  • From 17 Mar to 17 Mar 2019
  • Kitson Hall and St Mary's Church , Barnes, London

Come, Sing & Explore together with the composer Howard Goodall

Sunday 17 March St Mary’s Barnes

Registration 11.30am

Registration Form available from

Performance 18.00pm

Come &Sing £20 Audience £10

Invictus: A Passion is a new work for choir, soloists, and chamber orchestra by Howard Goodall, taking a fresh look at the meaning and modern resonance of the traditional Passion oratorio. One aspect of the Passion story above all others guides the choice of texts in this piece and that is the role and perspective of women, in particular that of Jesus’ close friend Mary Magdalene, and his mother Mary. This is a unique opportunity to explore this new work with the multi-award winning composer himself, in conjunction with members of the Fulham Camerata Choir led by Music Director Harry Castle. The Come & Sing day finishes with a full performance of the work with the Junior Royal Academy Chamber Orchestra.