In Memoriam Anne Frank Review in Music Teacher Magazine October 2000

  • Posted on 1 October 2000 at 3:38pm
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Set to sung texts by Christina Rossetti, Robert Louis Stevenson and Richard Lovelace, the piece opens simply: unaccomapnied, homophonic, straightforward rhthyms and melodies (marked very slowly and gently) with some interesting harmonic writing. Overall, this creates an inspired opening, so effective in its mood and suited to the text ‘Remember me when I am gone away’. A syncopated accompaniment gives rise to a second contrasting motif after which a soprano semi-chorus present the first theme, diminished in its rhythm, against a broader, augmented version beneath in the SATB parts. The contrasting rhythmical writing here is particularly effective.

As the piece unfolds, these motifs are subjected to a variety of inspired treatments, including assorted textures and keys. This leads the work to an almost completely unison conclusion and a repetition of the opening melody and words….It is a work of depth and would require a sensitivity in its performance in order to capture the true spirit of the text. I would recommend it for serious consideration.

George Adamson, ‘Music Teacher’ magazine October 2000.