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  • Posted on 1 August 2000 at 10:12am
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*****A stunning collection, sublimely arranged and performed.,16 July, 2000 Reviewer: Miranda Fox from New York:

“For any lover of folk music, this collection from around the world is a must. The classical English songs are excellent (especially the haunting arrangement of Blow the Wind Southerly), but these are dwarfed by the vibrancy of the songs from Iceland, Brazil and Japan(tracks 5,9 and 12). But the best part of the collection is the stunning third track, three songs from Africa. Goodall has captured the rhythms and harmonies of traditional African music and these are beautifully interpreted. The performance is flawless too.”

Barry Witherden, Classic CD August 2000:  “Howard has gathered together songs from around the world, pickin’ ‘n’ mixin’ styles and traditions, arranging songs from Africa, Japan and various outposts of Europe – including England – for the classic English church choir, but spicing them up with Brazilian percussion, (discreet) synthesizers and some star instrumental soloists . With a couple of exceptions, the songs are unfamiliar to me, and one of the main attractions of the album is the opportunity to discover songs which Ihad either never heard or new in a different version, as with the English Waly Waly. What really stands out, though, is Bennett’s singing. He has a deftness of phrasing and a sureness of pitch which is rare in trebles.”

Amazon.co.uk:  “There will be shed-loads of people who will LOVE this…”