Rigaudon was commissioned as part of a suite of music composed by a group of the UK’s leading composers, as a 21st century tribute to Handel’s Water Music.  The entire suite, featuring pieces by Stephen Warbeck, Adrian Johnston, Graham Fitkin, Debbie Wiseman and others, was premièred on the musical barge The Georgian, which accompanied the spectacular Diamond Jubilee pageant as it journeyed down the Thames on 3 June 2012.

Each piece in the suite was named after and inspired by a movement from one of Handel’s three Water Music Suites, which were commissioned by King George I for a concert on the Thames which he listened to from the Royal Barge in the summer of 1717.

A Rigaudon, a lively and popular eighteenth century dance style, inspired Goodall’s thoroughly joyous, tuneful piece which he scored for a chamber ensemble of 18 players.

All the works in the suite were recorded and are now available on a Silva Classics release entitled “New Water Music.”