Playlists for The Story of Music

Howard has created a set of playlists which accompany his new series and book – Howard Goodall’s Story of Music.

The playlists are available free via Spotify – created by Howard under his Spotify profile HG1958.

To listen to the playlists you will need to have spotify on your computer (free to download) and create an account.  Once signed in you should be able to click the links below to listen to each playlist and explore the repertoire further.  (Please note that the free version of Spotify will intersperse tracks with adverts).

HGSOM The Age of Discovery

HGSOM The Age of Penitence

HGSOM The Age of Invention

HGSOM The Age of Elegance & Sentiment

HGSOM The Age of Tragedy

HGSOM The Age of Rebellion

HGSOM The Popular Age I

HGSOM The Popular Age II