Early Musicals

THE MIDNIGHT FOLK (1975) – based on the book by John Masefield, with book & lyrics by David Carr.

THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE (1976) – based on the book by C S Lewis, with book & lyrics by David Carr.

THE LOVED ONE (1977) – A musical after Evelyn Waugh’s book of 40s Hollywood, with book & lyrics by Richard Curtis and Frank Doelger, performed by the Oxford Theatre Group at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe of 1977. Songs: Hollywood, The Englishman in Hollywood, Dead Pets, Stars on Parade, He needs a Face, The American Dream, Knock, Knock (Behind that door), Sambo, The Cutest Sensation (Crazy with love) Whispering Glades, Geronimo, Nutburgers, To cease upon the midnight (Aimee Alone).

THE LAST BATTLE (1978) – based on the book by C S Lewis, with book & lyrics by David Carr.

DER GLOCKNER VON NOTRE-DAME (1983) – A music-drama based on Victor Hugo’s book ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’, with book & direction by David Freeman & songs by Howard Goodall for the Opera Factory Switzerland.  This musical was later re-shaped into an English version by Stephen Fry, The Bellringer of Notre-Dameperformed at Uppingham School, directed by Christopher Richardson & Neil, musical director Ralph Allwood, with a cast featuring Julian Barclay, Duncan Brown, James Owthwaite, John Judge, Terry Robins, Stephanie Ciappara, Melissa Goldsmith, Emma Dunstone, Gillian & Joanna Schlich, Tamsin Wade, Tania Anderson & Rachel Woods.

THE ENCHANTED LOVERS (1986) –  A modernisation of Henry Purcell’s 1700 opera Dido & Aeneas, for ITV’s South Bank Show (1986), starring Peter Straker, Debbie Bishop, Miquel Brown, Seeta Indrani, Alsion Limerick, Moya Griffiths, Janet Kay, Lyn Kieran, Joanne Campbell & Tim Woodman; directed by Daniel Wiles and John Retallack, conducted by John Owen Edwards; band John Harle, Dave Roach, Keith Thompson, Kaye Young, Andy Read, Kevin Fitzsimmons & Ian Laws; costume designs (by Vic Symonds) above.

MAGGIE! (1989) –  A satirical musical for television, part of Ten Glorious Years!, to mark Margaret Thatcher’s 10 years in power as Prime Minister. Book & Lyrics by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.